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Spaghetti is a processed food made of floor. Some times it contains vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

What eating spaghetti can do to your sexual life

Sexuality, sex enhancement, erectile dysfunction, Spiritually inspired life hacks

Spaghetti is a processed food made of floor. Some times it contains vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

A lot of people consume spaghetti worldwide, some people prefer spaghetti because its very easy to prepare. Spaghetti is a food that doesn't take time while cooking it. Students prefer spaghetti because is a very simple and easy to prepare food.

Some people prefer to cook Jellof spaghetti while others prefer spaghetti with stew. Spaghetti can serve as a sex stimulant which many people may find incredible. Some spaghetti lovers who take spaghetti almost all the time may notice this interesting feature. There may not be any formal research or study about this feature but you can always try it out to know if you'd notice this effect.


Buy spaghetti a golden penny spaghetti. Cook it any method, either jellof or with stew and eat to your satisfaction. After like 1 or 2 hours of consuming the spaghetti, go to your partner and have some fun. After s*x you will discover that you lasted in bed more than the time you usually last when you did not take spaghetti. When you try this and like it, then you can just replace any of your sex enhancement drug with your regular golden penny spaghetti. I have only noticed this effect on Golden penny spaghetti.

Keywords: erectile dysfunction, sex enhancement, Sexuality, spiritually inspired life hacks.

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Spiritually inspired life hacks 
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