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Drinking too much water may cause more harm than good to your body system.

What drinking too much water can cause to your health

Health benefits of drinking water, alkaline water, water

Drinking too much water may cause more harm than good to your body system.

I may not be able to give you a specific quantity of the amount of water you should take, but taking moderate amount of water is good enough for your body system. When you take more than normal amount of water you will definitely know, the body doesn't lie.
 Is just like when your trying to consume extra food after taking a moderate quantity. your body will definitely try to stop you from taking in more food and you won't be able to consume more, that's the body talking.

 Some food you eat or the quantity of food you eat may require the intake of more water than other food you eat.
Water is very essential to the body. If taken moderately it can energize your body, making you carry out your activities without easily getting tired and also power your brain.
Lack of water in the body can cause confusion and inability to focus and many other things.

Although studies show our body contain about 60% of water. This study does not give you a go ahead order to consume more than the required amount of water needed in the body. Consuming more than the required amount of water may lower your immune and make your body easily accessible to all kinds of disease.

When you consume more water the nutrients concentration in your body will loose its quality, making your immune system to deteriorate. This can cause your body temperature to change and you may begin to feel cold frequently. Which can lead to cough and catarrh.
Some people recommend taking like 8 glasses of water per day (8*8 rule) This rule is absolutely nonsense and doesn't make any sense.

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